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Biodiesel Product

Our biodiesel is refined solely from used cooking oil UCO vegetarian or animal origin. The biodiesel meets the standard EN 14214 and has a high CFPP (cold filtering plugging point). We achieve this by appropriate pre-treatment of the raw material. The special process of trans-esterification produces a biodiesel, which uses raw material from 100% used cooking oil collected from restaurants, commercial kitchens, or private collectors.

UCOME Properties and Advantages

  • We achieve a high ester content by distillation at the end of production
  • The high cetane number improves combustion, which compensates the reduced energy content of biodiesel
  • low value for sulfur, total pollution and alkaline reduces the sooty particles and increases the life of the diesel filter
  • less water increases the quality
  • high oxidation stability will not agglutinate the injection system of the engine

MK Co. Ltd. is specialized in trading biodiesel produced from waste. We are the agent of several Asian refinery companies who are producing high quality biodiesel.

We organize the transportation and other logistics to Europe and sell the biodiesel to European importer companies. MK is well cross-linked both in Asia and Europe.